The sunglasses and optics series from CARRERA are designed in a distinctive

The sunglasses and optics series from CARRERA are designed in a distinctive style with unique details. This series has a new style without

Become the perfect accessory to create a successful look. With prada novel sunglasses trend style, it resonates with young and trendy people around the world. The new Carrera eyewear collection is highly sought after for its signature, iconic vintage detailing, leading to bold fashion orientation. CARRERA Optical Frames and Sunglasses Collection by Enzo Sopracolle

“Champion” sunglasses are unique and easily identifiable. The pilot style is inspired by the original style that was first quoted in the early 1980s. versace is made of Optyl and is extremely lightweight and low in sensitivity. A series of contrasting intense colors make this collection more personal, including military green/gold, bright black/silver, tan/gold and yellow/black.

3. Carrera 2012 / 2013 glasses series dream

Safilo’s eyewear brand Carrera launches a new line of sunglasses and optical frames designed specifically for the Carrera generation: a young, dynamic, confident, and stylish generation that is unwilling to follow the trend; differentiate, lead the way, and lead the future Design is the main theme of the brand new glasses series. From the square design and retro style, large-size glasses design, anti-glare polarizing lens and rubber material combination, to the classic corrugated mirror legs and other details, this series presents a variety of different The characteristics of the Asians have also been improved accordingly.

Carrera plate glasses

Classic design: special color plate temples plate and steel fusion make designer glasses unique

Handmade, hand-polished and polished panels, modern style and frame shape make this style and classic

Epoxy resin temple logo Laser engraving Metal inlay logo

Color scheme New color scheme creates a unique and precious effect

Retro style with subtle details in a classic design first copy