Georgetown, Guyana: November 2nd, 2017 – It’s 2017, and PPP leader Bharrat Jagdeo continues his mission to destabilise Guyana to return himself to the seat of power he so desperately craves. This, after all, is the man who wanted to give concessions to Venezuela! It is not enough that Bharrat Jagdeo earned the unenviable reputation of being Guyana’s most brutal leader; the man who presided over the extrajudicial killings of more than 400 mostly African Guyanese youth; or that he has already served his two terms as mandated by the Constitution. Now he’s pushing for a third term of leadership. A shameless, desperate ploy to gain control over the country’s oil assets and to share with his cabal of greedy, corrupt friends who have already stolen so much from Guyanese poor people.

His plan to consolidate power began right after his failed strategy to prorogue parliament, and strengthen his grip on power.  Having to compromise with the Opposition in Parliament was an untenable position, Jagdeo is a narcissist who is not given to compromise: for him, it is all or all.  He never even considered defeat, a defeat for which he continues to blame the hapless dullard Donald Ramotar; and so began his nefarious plan.  First, he rubbished former party General Secretary and Minister of Home Affairs, Clement Rohee.  He then took on the role of PPP GS himself, bypassing more competent people in the party like former Minister of Education, Priya Manickchand. The PPP, we must remember, is a ‘boys’ club.’ Additionally, Jagdeo has no use for words like merit, he just doesn’t think that way.  Priya will have to wait until the ole boys are dead and by then she will be an old woman; she may never make it to the role of Leader which she clearly deserves.

Since dumping Rohee, Jagdeo began a campaign to agitate and undermine the newly and democratically elected coalition government.  He whines and complains every week; a predictably weak response from a man who once imprisoned his political enemies without trial.  This is a man who burdened Guyanese citizens with a the backbreaking 18% VAT rate; who empowered a still imprisoned drug baron and made him the de facto lawman in the country; who discouraged discontent by giving the order to shoot and murder protesters; and who attempted to silence the media by banning reporters and depriving offending newspapers of the life-blood of government advertisements. Oh, how the mighty have fallen.

Today, he finds himself photographed holding up a poorly spelled sign in Parliament, displaying his ignorance, his raw ambition, his willingness to destroy the country, for the diplomatic corps and the wide world to see. He can’t bear it that President Granger saw through his ploy to corner the President into choosing Jagdeo’s candidate for GECOM. Jagdeo knows very well that five questionable characters and a judge does not a list make. How many sensible people would have Norman “Spare Parts” McLean, Gerry “Duke Lodge” Gouveia, or Joe “Camp Ayanganna 1973” Singh as GECOM chairmen? He erred, he knows it, and now he’s mad and frightened that President Granger outmanoeuvred him.

It is indeed telling that today, he’s left holding up a poorly constructed sign, whining about fairness. Fairness from a man who endorsed extrajudicial killings, enjoyed sowing the roots of the social collapse in which teenagers strangle grandmothers. Can you imagine?