Georgetown, Guyana: – November 3, 2017 – Democracy has returned to Guyana!!!  Citizens of Guyana can rejoice at further evidence that the democratic change they so desperately sought has arrived.  If the parking meter protests were not enough to reflect that change, then today we see even more evidence of a stable democracy in Guyana as opposition backed protesters congregate to disrupt and divide and they do so under no threat of death.

No longer will we return to those dark days when opposition politicians were shot down in the streets, when residents of Linden were murdered for exercising their democratic freedom of assembly.  No longer are dissenters picked up in the streets and charged with treason.  No longer are individual protestors like Waddel and Crum-Ewing murdered by state directed actors.  Times have changed and many who were formerly silent throughout 23yrs of PPPC atrocities have found their voices.

Guyana is a young democracy but she slowly plods on, even in the face of Bharrat Jagdeo’s egregious, disruptive and divisive plans to destroy our great nation.  Guyana will survive and thrive because the people of Guyana will ultimately choose peace and unity over division and destruction.