Georgetown, Guyana: November 3rd, 2017 – Today we awaken to news of yet another PPPC cuss down-shout down in Parliament.  Jagdeo, mired in his humiliation and shame is intent on dragging the nation he professes to love into the abyss of hatred and ‘devision.’  He is totally unlike President Granger, who prides himself on restraint, discipline, and thoughtfulness.  Jagdeo is a hooligan, a gangsta.  He will imprison 14-year old boys and his enemies, and hire a drug baron to get rid of them, he doesn’t care.  In Jagdeo’s world, the end justifies the means.

Jagdeo’s approach worked well in a relatively insular, tiny country for many years.  But Jagdeo, like so many other despots and charlatans failed to realize that the world is different now.  Technology has made the world smaller: communication is pervasive and immediate.  And so he failed to notice that his behavior was being watched, analyzed and rejected not only by citizens of Guyana who lived under his despotic rule, but also by people of goodwill all around the world, people who wanted democracy to flourish in Guyana.

Jagdeo still has not come to terms with the fact that it was his hooliganism, his ordering of the shooting down of protesters in the streets, his abuse of the media, his imprisonment of his enemies, his endorsement of extrajudicial killings of the Ashmini Harirams of our dear country, his cavorting with drug barons, his corruption and wholesale stealing of poor people’s resources, his blatant lies, and still many unnamed evil acts that caused the people of Guyana to reject him.  Even longtime PPPC supporters were ashamed.  After all, Jagdeo’s PPP doesn’t even pretend to care for poor people because it’s so obviously about corruption and swimming pools for the Irfan Ally crowd.

Now here it is, in 2017, decent members of the PPPC can’t seem to organize themselves to throw him out.  They know he’s digging a deeper hole.  They know his approach is brutish and unpalatable, but he is a bully, and the decent members of the PPPC stand no chance against him right now.  He will of course lead them to another defeat in 2020 and then he will try even ‘devision’ and violence but it will be too late.

Guyanese will reject Jagdeo even more because he wants to lead Guyana into hatred and ‘devision.’ But there are still too many people alive today who remember the results of such a disgusting strategy.  Guyanese of all ethnicities have come to understand that their futures are tied inextricably together.  They know that they will all sink or swim together, even as PPPC politicians like Jagdeo tug furiously at the margins in attempts to unravel the unity we share.  His task is an impossible one, but the frightened narcissist will keep trying.  Will Sam Sittlington or someone like him ever return?