Georgetown, Guyana –┬áThe nation is witnessed an acrobatic behaviour of a highly disturbed person, who has assumed the position of leader of the PPP, General Secretary of a party and leader of the Parliamentary Opposition. The picketing exercise carried out yesterday (3rd. November, 2017) in our Parliament, the National Assembly our most sacred DEMOCRATIC institution, is the most despicable display of arrogance, chaotic, and misguided behavior Guyanese have ever seen in our modern history.

No one in his or her right sense could imagine that any leader worth his or her salt would want to defile our National Assembly in the full view of the entire world and in the presence of the diplomatic community in Guyana. Jagdeo was not satisfied with the RIGHT to protest on the streets of Georgetown and in front of the National Assembly, he wanted to debase the House of our National pride and prove the point that he can DO WHAT HE LIKES and ANYWHERE HE LIKES. Guyana is a country that was LAWLESS, under the PPP – where ALL of our LAWS were broken, with impunity; where the police were managed from the PPP headquarters, Freedom House.

Since the change of government, LAW AND ORDER has been restored and the Commander-in- Chief, David Arthur Granger, is the new Head of State – elected by the people of Guyana to manage the State and the country. Yesterday, all Rules of engagement were BROKEN and the intention was to prevent the President from carrying out his PUBLIC and CONSTITUTIONAL DUTY – which was to address the opening of Parliament. SPEAKER of the National Assembly handled the situation badly by not SUSPENDING the miscreants from the National Assembly and warning them that, unless they apologise for their UNLAWFUL behavior, they will not be allowed to enter the parliamentary chambers.

After yesterday’s display by Mr. Jagdeo antics, the government is now forced to take remedial measures that were not contemplated before – which are to: protect the DEMOCRACY and the profile of the nation. This ridiculous performance must never be repeated by anyone . The national Assembly is sacrosanct. The precedence and established RULES must be applied by the Speaker, where everyone has got to adhere to . Every Assembly person must know – what CAN and CANNOT be said or done in National Assembly.

Would Jagdeo and his band of misguided followers carry out such an acts of DESECRATION in the Hindu temple, in a mosque or in a church in Guyana or any other part of the world? If the answer is NO, then why do they think they can be excused for their wicked behaviour in the national Assembly? Jagdeo and his merrymen and women refused to call Local and Municipal elections for 20 years and they now have the gall to talk about rigged elections, when they DENIED the Guyanese the basic and FUNDAMENTAL RIGHT to elect their local representative to look after their day to day interests.

The A Partnership for National Unity (APNU), led by President Granger, proposed the new Laws of Local Government and got passed in 2011, when he was the Opposition leader. He is not a violator of democracy, on the contrary, he has proven that he is, essentially a DEMOCRAT. DEMOCRACY is not merely a word, it has to be realised in action. It is the demonstration of the Right of the people to be free to exercise certain fundamental Rights and Freedoms on a daily basis and when that is denied or prevented by a government, then, that government CANNOT be DEMOCRATIC. Guyana must do everything to meet the International democratic standards by establishing an INDEPENDENT GECOM – where the Chairman is NOT APPOINTED by the President of the Country, but by an NON-PARTY POLITICAL set of COMMISSIONERS – who are professionally competent and trustworthy. Prime Minister Nagamootoo must speed up the process for CONSTITUTIONAL REFORMS.

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