Georgetown, Guyana: November 7th, 2017 – OneVoice News Network was disappointed to read Transparency International [Guyana]’s emotional response to President Granger’s GECOM decision.  We would first like to note that while TIGI’s mandate to highlight and speak-out on corruption in society is laudable, and while we recognise the role corruption plays in undermining democracy, we fail to see how TIGI makes the illogical leap to determine President Granger’s decision to be anti-democratic, while simultaneously recognising that Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo acted with mischief and contempt in limiting the President’s legitimate choices.

Did we miss TIGI’s letter in Stabroek News after the first deplorable list? After the second such? Should we also find it surprising that TIGI further contradicts their unfair indictment by recognizing that the President was acting with the powers conferred upon him by Guyana’s Constitution?

Regarding President Granger’s decision, TIGI’s own words are confusing. “That the Constitution caters for this, is unfortunate and it is something that should be changed.”  Indeed, TIGI seems to be objecting to following the law, even after Jagdeo got not one, but three chances to submit a list of agreeable candidates.  TIGI also seems unwilling to give President Granger credit for not selecting a candidate unilaterally after the first crappy list, as he was entitled to do by our Constitution.  Perhaps, TIGI should stick to monitoring corruption in society which the PPPC made endemic and which the new coalition government must now struggle to clean.

We also note with interest that TIGI made no comment on the return of the people’s democratic right to protest without being shot down in the street; the return of Local Government Elections; the auditing of the State’s assets leading to actionable indictments by our judicial system; and the freedom of the press to report without personal and business retribution.  In fact, OneVoice News insists that Democracy has returned to Guyana, and TIGI’s unwillingness to acknowledge same and further their emotional and reaching indictment suggests bias.

Did TIGI comment on the PPP’s involvement in the extrajudicial murders of more than 400 young Guyanese (including Hindu teenage girls), or the obscene accumulation of wealth by former PPP Ministers, or the former AG’s threats to the lives of Guyanese citizens, or the Guyana Police Force’s complicity in providing safe haven to officers who ram batons into the anuses of citizens, or who put guns in the mouths of teenage citizens and pull triggers, or who slaughter Linden protestors who did nothing but seek to exercise their democratic freedoms? Yet, TIGI goes out of their way to criticise actions taken by a democratically elected president who by TIGI’s own account acted within the guidance given to him by our national Constitution.

OneVoice News looks forward to a new commitment to fairness in TIGI’s future assessments as society depends on a TIGI which is credible and fair to all parties.

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