Georgetown, Guyana: November 9, 2017 – The one thing we know about dictators and war criminals is that they are always caught off guard when they are called to answer for their sins. Bharrat Jagdeo, former President of Guyana is no different. Like most narcissists, his self-confidence is overflowing. His disrespect for Guyana’s institutions, for Guyanese citizens, and for the international community is obvious. Let’s not believe that Priya Manickchand’s disgraceful feral blast at then US Ambassador Brent Hardt happened without Jagdeo’s active authorship. Feral people do feral things.

Jagdeo knows only one thing, and that is power. He understands only one thing, and that is force. He disrespects anyone who respects the rule of law and civil institutions.  It is not surprising that he publicly stated his disrespect for President Granger. Jagdeo is an angry, impatient and anxious man, and it is this combination of emotions that strips him of his ability to analyse situations properly, decently.

It was this behavior that pushed him to recruit drug baron Roger Khan to murder 400 mostly black men to protect Roger Khan’s narco-trafficking interests for reasons we can well surmise. It was Jagdeo’s penchant for recklessness that empowered him to use the narco proceeds to finance the PPP for decades. It was Jagdeo’s disregard for Guyana’s institutions that allowed him to lead by ‘cuss down’; on the campaign trail, in parliament, on television, he even desecrated Babu Jaan with a racist cuss down, it matters not the place. He has no manners, and therefore no positive appreciation for the importance of institutions.

Jagdeo is really a human actually damaged since childhood, unable even then to participate in minor athletics, now hell bent on regaining power. This is a man incapable of forming relationships with others, and his time at Patrice Lubumba University in Moscow cemented that character defect. Reports are that the decent remnants of the PPP party elite are exasperated. They know he’s a global pariah who continues to rubbish Cheddie Jagan’s legacy, but they fear him. So, silence is their only option right now.

People of Guyana, be encouraged, the war criminal Bharrat Jagdeo will be charged with crimes against humanity and the nearly US$8billion he stole and acquired through his nefarious dealings will not help him. Like Liberia’s Charles Taylor, Laurent Gbagbo of Ivory Coast, Augusto Pinochet of Chile, and Slobodan Milosevic of Serbia, Jagdeo will soon be called to account for his egregious crimes. Forget the Kalashnikovs in his obscene Pradoville 2 mansion even when he was no longer President. There is no statute of limitations on murder, particularly mass murder. Each of these dictators, when finally arrested, was surprised. They are always brimming with confidence just before they are arrested. They are always surprised when the final reckoning comes. Guyana’s decency will win.

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