Georgetown, Guyana, November 10, 2017 – The seeds of ethnic discord are being planted daily by the only political party in Guyana that can benefit from a consolidation of ethnic votes: the PPP.  Under the guise of outrage regarding the GECOM issue, Bharrat Jagdeo and his lackies have launched an ‘all or nothing’ strategy to destroy the country in order to control it, to drive Guyanese citizens back to an ugly time when neighbors destroyed each other for no other reason than to satisfy the ambitions of the political classes.

Indeed, today, we have a former Minister of the Government of Guyana, Clement Rohee, irresponsibly encouraging violence by citizens of Guyana, one against the other.  Clement Rohee is publicly and proudly engaging in acts of sedition.  His rhetoric is hateful, but this is a man who was once a bicycle thief.  While we applaud the fact that he has left his old thieving habits in the past, we deeply regret that he’s still just a disgusting criminal.

Guyanese people, however, realize that their lives are too inextricably intertwined for them to engage in acts of ethnic division that can only serve to rip the country apart.  So, the PPP operatives are growing desperate, and beginning to intensify their lies and propaganda.  Just last week, OVNN learned that the Opposition had distributed nasty talking points to its operatives.  The talking points included the words fear, rigging, Burnham, and dark days; and expectedly we heard those old tired lines being spewed by Bharrat Jagdeo, Sase Singh, Leslie Ramsammy and some other small time PPP operatives.  Those are the sort of talking points that remind thoughtful Guyanese of Phantom, Gocool Boodhoo, and trumped up treason charges dismissed years later.  Will we too be slapped by Jagdeo for asking sensible questions of a dullard PM?  Not all PPP members are on board though; some understand the potential consequences of trying to tear Guyana apart, and they have opted to stay above the fray.

In Guyana today, more than 20 percent of the population is mixed.  People work for and with people of other races, people shop with people of other races, people live next door to people of other races, people are taught in school by teachers of other races, people sit in class with students of other races and people enjoy each other’s food, drink and holiday celebrations, and people are healed in hospitals and clinics by nurses and doctors of other races. Guyanese are no longer in the place where they will happily agree to the PPP’s misguided strategy of racial “devision” and racial discord.

Guyanese understand that they all have too much to lose.  It is no surprise that it is the hateful old men in the party – exception middle-aged male spinster Jagdeo – who are pushing this ill-conceived strategy.  They have no good vision, and can think of no way to maintain political relevancy other than sowing the seeds of ethnic havoc and confusion.  Guyanese, stand together and reject Jagdeo’s and the PPP’s madness.  They’re only doing it for money.

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