Georgetown, Guyana: November 14, 2017 — There can be no credible claim that Guyanese citizens unfairly characterize some members of the PPPC as unpatriotic, ungrateful and contemptuous of Guyana’s history and institutions.  The proof is displayed each day as they lead their followers down a path of treachery, lies, corruption and contempt for Guyana.  Their latest unpatriotic display is the decision party leader, Bharrat Jagdeo made – over the objections of some party faithfuls – to boycott the Remembrance Day activity of laying a wreath to show respect for the memory of the many courageous fallen heroes: the men and women who died during the two World Wars. Is it that Jagdeo approves of the Nazi agenda of so-called racial purity?

There is no intelligent leader anywhere on the face of Planet Earth who would choose to display such contempt for members of the armed forces.  But Bharrat Jagdeo believes in vindictiveness and brutishness.  He has no use for history, for loyalty, for those who give up their lives to protect others, because he does not understand such behavior.  He is driven only by selfishness, and he doesn’t even have the patience to pretend appreciation for the mostly African members of the nation’s armed forces.

Keep in mind that the PPPC supporters have allowed to represent them a man who: gave the order to open fire on his political rivals including an army brigadier; never respected rank and seniority within the armed forces; hates national songs that venerate our beautiful land of Guyana. Jagdeo is a mere brute, a charlatan, a vicious, power hungry man who does not care if he spreads division and hatred.

The majority of Guyanese, however, have revealed great respect for the professionalism of the Guyana Defence Force.  They do not agree with his contempt for Guyana’s institutions.  They understand that Jagdeo had discussed with Venezuela the ceding of part of Guyana to them.  How can this man who has used Guyana’s resources to generate his more than US$8 Billion wealth be trusted to lead a political party, much less a country?  Decent PPPC members must reject the unpatriotic, brutish Jagdeo.  He is nothing but a disservice to their party and a disservice to our great nation.


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