Georgetown, Guyana – November 15, 2017 – OVNN is not surprised by the despicable PPPC lackeys who eagerly spread lies about a property purported to belong to President Granger; to their gullible followers.  Not only does the house not belong to President Granger, but it is actually a 3 bedroom home, not a mansion by any stretch of the imagination.  Following find Gordon Mosley’s findings:

“A simple check with the NDC at Craig would reveal that the “mansion” at Pearl was owned by the President’s brother, a former CARICOM economist, who passed away recently and it is a 32 YEAR OLD HOUSE with the only recent changes to the property being the colour, fencing and construction of security quarters, since the President is likely to use the house from time to time. So please stop sending it to my inbox and asking me questions now as if I’m head of the village council. please and thanks.” – Gordon Mosley

Below are the posts of the despicable, lying, PPPC lapdogs and lackeys.

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