Georgetown, Guyana – November 15, 2017  —

Georgetown, Guyana – November 15, 2017 — OVNN is alarmed that some agents within the public service breached the Granger family privacy, and may have also compromised President Granger’s and First Lady Sandra Granger’s security by sharing the plans for the Granger family home with PPP agents.

As PPP flunkies continue to spread lies about the Granger family home, OVNN has been able to get hold of an actual picture of the 4,800 sq. ft. building, modest by any standard, and practically minuscule compared to former President Jagdeo’s 15,000 sq. ft. mansion which sits on acres of lands stolen from the descendants of former enslaved African people. Hardworking, religious souls who combined their savings and purchased whole villages to build safe, thriving communities for their families.

We remember that Bharrat Jagdeo’s home sits on two stolen acres of prime waterfront property, and is being powered by three transformers that are being used because of the type of load being carried by Jagdeo’s home use.  The three transformers were demanded and installed based on the former President’s lifestyle which includes a central air conditioning system and multiple components of high tech electronic equipment.  How many private citizens or Guyanese have three GPL transformers running to their homes?

OVNN would like to unmask the PPP lackeys, propagandists and liars Sasenarine Singh, Nigel Dharamlall, and Charles Ramson – two of whom are clearly sick, and known to beat their wives frequently – who continue to spread lies in hopes of creating divisions among Guyanese, and generating distrust of President Granger and undermining his administration.  OVNN reiterates that these people are unpatriotic, greedy, vindictive, losers and lackeys who do not mind sending Guyana down a path of chaos and hate for their own selfish motives.

President Granger and First Lady Sandra Granger have long personal histories of helping less fortunate Guyanese. Which of the pathetic PPP liars can say the same for themselves?

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