The Coalition leaders were warned that they were going to be the most scrutinised government in the history of Guyana.  For one thing, the community vultures do not fear President Granger the way they fear Bharrat Jagdeo.  After all, President Granger does not have a history of averting his gaze to extrajudicial killings, he doesn’t have ministers who have publicly threatened other citizens, or who are associated with the murders and unlawful imprisonment of human rights activists, he doesn’t have journalists’ yards flooded even worse than all of Georgetown.

Additionally, black leaders in Guyana are not well tolerated by the elites in Guyana, and many of them should come to terms with that fact.  One can see the contempt among the PPP ruling class and the nation’s economic elite who are no longer benefitting from the free flow of money laundering or drug trafficking capital: they are “hopping mad.”

Finally, the proliferation of social media, internet access, and keyboard warriors who live abroad make it easier to launch attacks on Coalition government officials. Again, the Coalition leadership were warned repeatedly, and one wonders why arrogant Ministers like Jordan and Trotman continue to undermine this government by their arrogance, their obfuscations, and their equivocations.

The US$18M Issue
Apart from Jagdeo proposing territorial concessions to Venezuela, there is not one intelligent Guyanese citizen who would oppose using the US$18M Exxon bonus for the use to which it was allocated by the Coalition; that is to say, to finance the legal support of the arbitration case involving Venezuela.

What Guyanese citizens would abhor is a nefarious plan to steal those funds, and by all intelligent accounts one would have to be an idiot to be party to a plan to steal this US$18M.  For one thing, President David Granger has indicated by his multiple acts of generosity that he is more intent on sharing his generous salary than stealing taxpayers’ dollars.

Additionally, whatever could be said of Raphael Trotman’s presidential ambitions, does it  actually seem likely that Sir Shridath Ramphal, Carl Greenidge, and Winston Jordan, would lead an effort to steal US$18M?  The idea is simply idiotic, and one must wonder why people like Anand and Anna at Stabroek News, representatives of Transparency International, and Christopher Ram continue to stir public suspicion of the Coalition around this matter.  Welcome to the axe-grinders of vindictive Guyana.

The Sad Tale Of Guyana’s Axe-Grinders
Does anyone believe that if Christopher Ram were made Chairman of GECOM he’d be leading this trumped up charge, and disrespecting President Granger by demanding that he apologize?  Christopher Ram is a vindictive old man, who like maybe eight others in Guyana and the Diaspora, believe themselves to be Guyana’s intellectual elite.  Ram – despite his connection to Jaya Manikchand, Esq. – is intent on making the President pay for rejecting him as unfit and improper.  His behaviour today proves that President Granger clearly understood the character of this man, and the obvious implications for any list of candidates containing his name.  Ram attacks President Granger relentlessly while he ignores his own personal failings.  More later on Ram’s personal failings. It still impresses OVNN that those in Guyana who live in glass houses continue to throw stones.

Similarly, ginning up attacks on the Coalition and miseducating the public is a behind the scenes female partner in Transparency International who was herself rejected as a candidate for chairman of GECOM.  She too has a glaring conflict of interest of which she, a trained lawyer, must certainly be aware. Sadly, her current campaign against the government of Guyana is expected in light of our elites’ cultural penchant for vindictiveness.  We hope she will one day soon release herself from her pain and disappointment, and forge a new direction for the much needed services of Transparency International based on the fundamental principles of transparency, fairness, and investigation.

Anand, like Anna from Stabroek News no longer hides his contempt for this government, and he openly posts anti-government propaganda on his Facebook page.  Again, there is a certain lack of respect for President Granger displayed by Stabroek News that was missing even in their indictments of the murderous and kleptocratic Bharrat Jagdeo.  Because Guyanese need to understand conflicts of interest better, there is an interesting and vindictive family connection here which will be illuminated in future writings.

In the final analysis, in addition to the bonus being US$18 million instead of the more than US$700 million signing bonus paid to Brazil just this year, the supposedly expert advice by Sir Shridath to make the $18M secret was both pathetic and appalling, and Minister Trotman, also a lawyer, should also be ashamed of his role in this decision.  OVNN believes that all parties responsible for this decision – Ramphal, Trotman, and Greenidge – should step forward and answer questions to satisfy the Guyanese people.  OVNN believes that the people will be satisfied to hear that the intent was to use the money to defend Guyana’s sovereignty, a most noble action.  OVNN also believes that the axe-grinders should be paid the attention they deserve, their credibility impugned as they attempt to undermine the Coalition government because of personal gripes.  President Granger and the Coalition government he leads remain accountable to the people of Guyana, and thoughtful Guyanese understand that.

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