Georgetown, Guyana: January 27, 2018: –  Now that President Granger has announced his intention to solve the many crimes of the Troubles, many observers are anticipating a long overdue commission of inquiry.

Some points should be made to uninformed skeptics, some of whom appear to believe that because many of the victims of extrajudicial murders during the Troubles were black men they do not deserve justice. Yes, many people who describe themselves even as neoliberal democrats are untroubled by the murders that characterised the Troubles.

To those blatantly racist and hypocritical skeptics, OVNN asks if but two victims, Minister Satyadeow Sawh and Miss Ashmini Hariram fulfil their images of Phantom victims who are so much human garbage as not to deserve basic justice. They can use Google for themselves to discover who Miss Hariram was, and wonder why some clearly evil people believed she was worth killing.

There are also occasions during which the ignorant accuse the President of involvement: the killings of Jagan Ramessar, Bholanauth Paramanand, and Vernon Campbell in 1973; the taking of election ballots into Camp Ayanganna during elections in 1973; and the killing of Walter Rodney. President Granger has pointedly denied involvement in any of those incidents.

The PPP controlled President Granger’s GDF personnel file for 23 continuous years, and has never even managed to place President Granger anywhere other than where he said he was. Do we wonder why so few seem to ask who was there if President Granger wasn’t?

If President Granger was at Timehri commanding Camp Stephenson in 1973, why hasn’t anyone asked who was commanding Internal Security in 1973 and if that person was none other than Carl Morgan? If President Granger was commanding Camp Stephenson when the ballots were taken into Camp Ayanganna, why has nobody asked if Joseph Singh wasn’t commanding Camp Ayanganna at the time? If President Granger, then GDF commander, was in Belgrade, Yugoslavia and Pyongyang, DPRK during the week that Walter Rodney was killed, why has nobody asked if the GDF acting commander that week wasn’t the same Joseph Singh, working to none other than Norman McLean, then GDF chief-of-staff? Many seem to believe that President Granger isn’t an aircraft pilot, so is it possible that the captain of the aircraft that flew Gregory Smith away was none other than then commanding officer of the GDF air corps, the great Gerry Gouveia?

Don’t forget to ask how many of the names above President Jagdeo believed fit and proper to be the chair of GECOM. To paraphrase President Jagdeo, each list of candidates to chair GECOM that he submitted was “contaminated” by one of the names above. As President Jagan once said, even if other people want to forget their history, that doesn’t mean we forget ours.

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